In the heart of The Kingdom of Crystal, in the deepest forests of Småland, is where we at Essemce are located. Since 1947 we have delivered to glassworks, studios and schools in more than fifty countries with quality and knowledge.

But lets start from the beginning. In 1947 my father Gö:sta Melin started the company Essemce AB in the basement of his own home. At that point, just a few years after the end of the second world war, industry in Sweden was exploding. After years of disturbances and recession the country had finally started to recover, ambition and entrepreneurship permeated Europe and with his briefcase in one hand and a big portion of initiative in the other Gö:sta started visiting glassworks throughout Småland.

It was much more of an adventure than we can imagine today. On winding roads he headed out in a second hand Opel Olympia. He didn’t have a driving license, that was as hard to come by as anything else in the post-war years but he didn’t feel formalities should stand in the way of his enterprise.

Gö:stas adventurous visit to the glassworks then laid the foundation for the business that the family is running to this day. With over 60 years experience and one of the markets widest ranges Essemce is a leading supplier of everything from the very best tools to advanced production machinery. Today we are supplying production solutions for glassblowing on all continents, as well as caring for our local players.

With big commitment we have through the years worked with customers like Orrefors Kosta Boda, Iittala, Dartington Crystal, Simon Pearce, Denmark's Design Skole, Transjö: Hytta, Josiah McElheny and hundreds of others that are passionate about glass, just like we are.

A lot has happened since the start in 1947. The market looks completely different and today we have customers in all parts of the world, all with different prerequisites and professional directions. Our aim is to constantly improve, therefore we now increase our accessibility further through our website, where you as a customer have the possibility to order our products, both new and second hand, but also to follow our work. Joining tradition and generations of knowledge and development.

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