Welcome to Essemce AB. With over 7o years of servicing Hand Made Glass Factories, Schools and Studios across the world, it was time for a Transformation - some would say long over due, others would say why? We’ve changed because the world has. We’ve reorganised ourselves and our products and services to reflect this change.

We take responsibility and play an active role in creating a positive future for hand made glass. The Essemce team along with our partners have worked tirelessly to create new products and services that will provide a positive platform for hand made glass makers all over the world and enable them to not only thrive today but more importantly flourish into the future. We believe the future of Hand Made Glass is crystal clear and built on two foundations;

Sustainable production and market relevance.

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We've developed a new range of products and services.

We believe that in order for Hand Made Glass to have a positive and sustainable future, Hand Made Glass Factories, Schools and Studios must embark on a transformation of both the equipment they use and the ways they use it. Essemce have developed a complete range of ‘end to end’ solutions for Hot and Cold studios that exceed the Sustainability targets that have been set.

Whilst the development of these products has been a painful one, the result is a unique range that is now well proven in the market.

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a range of case studies from recent product installations.

700kg Furnace - France

700kg batch melting furnace installed in France. We built the furnace and all the supporting equipment for this new stem factory. 30% energy saving on glass melting. Please ask for dat

200kg Furnace - Denmark

"If you can't build an Electric Furnace that melts Glasma batch everyday, then you can't build a furnace". Well it appears we can. Demanding customers leads to products that deliver on that demand.

Oh and it runs on Solar.

50kg Studio - Denmark

Studio planning, Product development, equipment build, installation and ongoing support.



 Essemce traditionally have limited exposure in this arena. The major component missing being 'glass melting'. We've addressed that and also added in a broad range of supporting hot shop items - tick!


As well as developing new products, the team at Essemce have been dusting off the old plans and upgrading countless items in our traditional locker. These upgrades have both enabled us to keep our product prices down but have also standardised the parts lists for much easier long term maintanance.


Drive Sustainable Transformation

Create long term value for our customers

Promote and support self sustaining eco systems

Play an active role in future proofing the Hand Made Glass Industry