Welcome to Essemce and thanks for visiting. Here you can find out a bit more about our 70 year history of dedicated support to the glass works industry and also browse most of the products in our webshop. We are currently going through a big transformation part of which will be to improve and upgrade the products we sell and build, and part will be changes to how you can view products and transact with us via our website and on mobile devices. Given how active we plan on being this year, you should make a point of coming back a little more often than usual as we’ll be updating with new products and offers on a weekly basis. If you’ve not bought from us before then do join our mailing list to keep updated on the new product releases and of course the monthly offers for items you use everyday. Send an email to and we’ll add you - your email information stays with us exclusively and we’ll only send you emails about Essemce things we think you’ll find interesting.

We recognise the changes going on the the industry and support 100’s of Studios around the world. We give good advise on how to set-up your Studio as well as supplying Tools, Equipment and supplies to keep you running smoothly. There’s very little that we can’t help you with so if you’re considering setting up a studio, click here for a quick check list of things you need to supply yourself with. If you’re looking to expand your output then we can help better than anyone, from a wide range of Equipment specifically designed for expanding studios. Talk to us, we can help you.

Essemce have a long a catalogued history of supporting Hand Made Glass factories for over 70 years around the world. The sad reality is that some of these have not survived for many reasons, for the ones that have, we stand shoulder to shoulder with them working on new an innovative ways to increase efficiencies and develop new techniques. If you’re looking for a partner to support in the transformation of your Glass Factory then look no further than Essemce, our experience, knowledge and commitment is unrivalled. In the first instance, please contact Jan or Andy to discuss your plans and we can take you through the learning gained over the past 70 years.

We work with Schools and colleges in over 50 countries supporting them to build the best environments for their Students to learn old techniques and of course develop new ones. Whatever your needs are for your Studio, we can support you with Equipment, Tools and Supplies.

Second Hand Equipment
If you can’t find what you’re looking for here then please email or and we can play detective on your behalf. We also hold supplies of discontinued colours etc, please contact us for current cheap items.

Hand Tools
Our range of hand tools is unrivalled and being constantly added to. We also have unique tools for foot making and double overlay. From our own branded items to Carlo Dona and Maruko, we’ve got the tool for you and if you can’t see it in our webshop, please just ask us at

We have exclusive distribution rights for Kuglar Colours in Scandinavia and keep a full stock of rods, grits and powder. You can download the Kuglar brochure and pricelist here. Send your orders to If you’re outside of Scandinavia then we can of course introduce you to your local supplier.

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